TENS for Pain Control

TENS for Pain Control

Simply stated, pain is a “beneficial” adverse, sensory signal transmitted by your body’s nervous system in an attempt to alert your body to an injury or condition. The purpose of the pain stimulus is to prevent further insult to the injured area by causing restriction of motion; inflammation. This pain sensation may be perceived as chronic and debilitating in nature, ultimately, resulting in the inability to perform many of your essential daily activities. (i.e., work, sports/exercise and recreational)

Depending on the nature of your condition, your healthcare provider may prescribe, a combination of surgical, pharmaceutical and/or other appropriate treatment modalities to help alleviate your pain, reduce swelling and improve function. STYMCO is proud to offer to our doctors’ patients the benefits afforded by electrotherapy in the treatment of chronic pain and injury recovery.

STYMCO medical TENS unit devices gently and effectively deliver measured, mild electrical impulses to the area of injury; enhancing your body’s own inherent healing capacity. All of our electrotherapy products are state of the art in their design, effectiveness, ease of application and convenience of handling.

Helps to Alleviate Pain, Swelling and Promote Faster Recovery

Over the past 20 years, many patients have incorporated TENS therapy into their daily lives and found it to relieve chronic, sports, arthritic and post-surgical pain and inflammation.

Some of the many healing benefits discussed in the literature and research papers concerning the use of TENS therapy include:

  • Significant pain/inflammation reduction
  • Increased musculoskeletal range of motion (i.e., joints/muscles)
  • Reduction in need for pain medication
  • Return to normal work activities faster

When TENS therapy is incorporated into an appropriate and consistent treatment plan designed by your medical professional, its use may reduce the need for either prescription or over-the-counter pain medication and, by doing so, avoid the potential side effects of the use of pain medication.

Manage Your Pain; Manage Your Life

Patients now have the ability to give themselves treatment in the comfort of their home or office. All of our devices are small and portable allowing you the flexibility of use. Now, you will be able to give yourself pain relief when you need it most. When at home, at work, or even while asleep, electrotherapy options can help you control your pain.

Focused Pain Relief

TENS therapy units deliver gentle healing electrical stimulation directly to the site of pain or injury. The accompanying, easy to apply, conductive pads are simply placed over the area of desired electrotherapeutic treatment as indicated.

  • Posterior Neck
  • Upper/Lower back
  • Knees
  • Shoulders/Hips
  • Wrists/Hands

Ask your Physician or Therapist

Ask your healthcare professional which STYMCO TENS therapy device is right for you. All are easily prescribed and covered by most health insurance plans.

Take control of your pain today and rediscover a more active lifestyle!

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