STYMCO Continues to Monitor Changes in Federal and State Laws

STYMCO Continues to Monitor Changes in Federal and State Laws

Tampa, FL, September 1, 2014: Conscious of its being in, and dealing with practitioners who work in, a highly regulated industry STYMCO Medical continues its diligent monitoring of state and Federal laws and changes in them and interpretations of those laws by the OIG and various regulating bodies.

STYMCO‘s General Counsel, a member of the American Health Lawyers Association, not only closely follows these events but conducts internal audits of the Company’s practices and procedures as part of the Company’s on-going Compliance program. It was this monitoring practice which lead STYMCO to recently review and modify its service fee schedule to insure it remains a market based, fair reflection of the value of the services rendered. Not all companies do this and there have been recent regulatory actions against practitioners for receiving fees out of proportion to the value of the services rendered. State regulators sometime find an out of proportion fee to be presumptively a kick-back or referral fee.

STYMCO will continue to monitor its fee for services rendered program to insure it remains both competitive and fair market value based and above criticism.

About STYMCO Medical
Thank you for your interest in STYMCO Medical, a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) company that distributes electrotherapy devices to patients for home medical use. STYMCO Medical is based in Tampa, Florida. Our focus is to distribute quality electroceutical technologies to physicians and patients throughout the United States and provide them with non-surgical and non-invasive options for the treatment of pain due to acute and chronic injury, as well as post-surgical pain.

At STYMCO Medical, we bring the latest non-surgical treatments from companies around the world to our patients and physicians. Our safe non-surgical treatments may help patients suffering from pain and may also help rehabilitate muscles after injury. It is hoped that by offering our technologies throughout the country physicians can improve the quality of care received by their patients.

Mission Statement
STYMCO Medical, LLC is dedicated to providing quality products and services to our patients. Through our professional, highly qualified employees, we give our patients the highest quality care available in the industry.

STYMCO Medical, LLC along with our employees, are committed to education and training in order to improve our skills and maintain a level of excellence of care and continued safety to our patients.

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