A Better DME Company

STYMCO Medical represents a new breed of durable medical equipment companies. Over the years, unethical companies have given an industry developed to be a win-win for patients and physicians a bad name. With plans to set new benchmarks for the industry, STYMCO Medical has developed our company, processes, and methodology with a focus on quality patient care, fairness, and integrity. We offer the highest quality products and support to your patients to ensure that they have all that is needed to achieve the best possible treatment outcomes. Lastly, we have a compliance officer and in-house general legal counsel on staff to make certain that our day to day business practices are in line with legal, ethical, and compliance standards.

Experience the STYMCO Difference!

Our Vision

Better Service. Better Treatment Outcomes.

To offer the highest quality products and customer support to your patients to ensure that they have the products, information and help they need to achieve the treatment outcomes for which you are hoping. STYMCO wants to make a difference – to you and your patients.

Our Process

Better Treatment Outcomes Though Better Support.

To achieve the STYMCO Vision, STYMCO Medical has developed a process for the handling of durable medical equipment prescriptions and ensuring the necessary patient follow-up services to maximize treatment results.

STYMCO Medical has customer service representatives that will walk your office through each step of the process and if you need it will arrange training on the fitting, placement and use of devices as well.


STYMCO Medical has a well-designed compliance program monitored by a full-time compliance officer the purpose of which is to ensure that all aspects of patient treatment and billing are in accordance with federal and state law. STYMCO Medical has employed an in-house general legal counsel to routinely audit its compliance program and ensure its processes and procedures are consistent with HIPAA and other relevant laws.

A focus on patients not profits, on quality and service with the highest integrity:

This is the STYMCO difference.

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