Our top priority is YOU

At STYMCO Medical, we not only supply patients with the highest quality medical equipment, but we also provide world-class patient support. Our patient services department is dedicated to ensuring that your medical equipment is functioning as prescribed by your physician. Whether you require additional supplies or have technical questions regarding the use of your medical equipment, you can count on the STYMCO patient services team to be there for you every step of the way.

Patient Education

We at STYMCO understand it is important that you become fully familiar and comfortable with the use of the medical equipment and supplies prescribed for you by your physician. Our PATIENT EDUCATION section has been compiled and written with you in mind. There you will find important information explaining the various types of quality medical devices and other healthcare equipment STYMCO is proud to offer. To access this information simply select from the listing below and learn more about the equipment which has been prescribed for you.

Patient Education

High Quality Medical Products

In our effort to raise the standards of our industry, STYMCO was not satisfied with just selecting the best available medical equipment and supplies. We knew that to truly make a difference, we needed to develop some of our own medical equipment to address elements that could be improved. The result isĀ a line of medical equipment and suppliesthat rivals any in the world. Click the button below to find out more about the products we can offer you and your patients. Thank you for your interest in STYMCO Medical Equipment.

Order Electrotherapy Supplies

Depending on the length of time your doctor has prescribed the use of your STYMCO Electrotherapy Device, you may need to order replacement supplies. You received an Electrotherapy Supply Kit that included an adequate supply of electrodes, lead wires, batteries, and wipes according to your prescription. Should you need additional supplies, click the button below and fill out the order form to let us know what you require and we will deliver the supplies right away.

Order Supplies