Hard to Reach : TENS Units & Conductive Garments

Hard to Reach : TENS Units & Conductive Garments

The use of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) units for the treatment of chronic and/or post-surgical pain is well-documented and widespread by doctors of various specialties. TENS units use a small electrical current delivered through the skin to nerves with the use of electrodes. They have been known to alter a patient’s perception of pain for varying lengths of time. The effectiveness of treatment with TENS units depends on several factors such as the patient, the treatment settings, and the type of pain.

Another crucial part of successful treatment with TENS units is the placement of the electrodes. Obviously, if the treatment is not being applied to the proper area, the effectiveness will suffer. This can become particularly troublesome if the area that requires treatment is in an awkward part of the body. Placing electrodes on the lower back can be very difficult for a patient trying to treat themselves at home. Also, the foot can be a difficult place to properly apply electrodes due to its shape. The parts of the body where patients experience the most difficulty are the lower back, foot, knee, elbow, hand, neck, and shoulder.

Conductive Garments & Electrode Placement

Luckily for patients suffering from pain in the aforementioned body regions that can benefit from at home treatment with TENS units, there are conductive garments to help them hit the spot every time. Conductive garments provide a soothing warmth which, in conjunction with the benefits of electrotherapy stimulation, may enhance the healing process. These sturdy and durable conductive garments are intended for use on body areas to which conventional electrode application may be difficult. The most popular conductive garments are the sock, glove, sleeve, neck, shoulder, and back garments.

Not Just a TENS Unit Accessory

Conductive garments are used most often with TENS units, but are compatible with all forms of electrotherapy including Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), Interferential Therapy (IF), and Microcurrent. At DiscountDME.com we carry a full line of premium conductive garments and are proud to offer them at wholesale prices. If you have patients that can benefit from at home TENS, EMS, IF or Microcurrent Therapy that may have trouble placing their electrodes properly, conductive garments are a great way to ensure that they are applying their prescribed treatment to the area that will benefit them most.

For information on how to provide TENS units and Conductive Garments to your patients without the hassle of billing, visit the STYMCO Technologies website.

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